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Powering business through future-forward technology.

Our mission

Changemakers, helping companies. Our collective fate demands better, faster, more innovative modes of thinking. At Egen, we live in relentless pursuit of precision.

Our values

We believe in the amazing technology and power of data, but we also believe how we work is as important as the work we do.


Own it

We believe the buck stops with us. We believe in taking on your challenges as our own. When it comes to Egen, there is no ‘us’ and ‘you’ - there’s only ‘we’ in our world.



Move swiftly and decisively. Radiate energy, ideas and ambition. Embrace change and lead the charge.


Insatiable Curiosity

Always ask why? And how? And why not? Constantly seek uncharted solutions. Stay interesting and interested in the world.

By the numbers



Our engineers work in the pursuit of precision while being results-driven and delivery-oriented.



Our customers range from some of the most well-known unicorns in history to large enterprises.


Solutions we built

Our custom-tailored solutions focus on business innovation delivered at unparalleled speed.


Egen is led by a group of dynamic and experienced leadership team, who roll up their sleeves and work in tandem with our customers to pursue actionable solutions that deliver results.

Raghu Potini

Chief Executive Officer

Trevor Benson

Sales & Partnerships

Nandita Tiwari

Sales & Partnerships

Matthew Maple

Business Development

Praveen Salitra

Director of Technology

Katie Moodie

Employee Experience Lead

Megan Larson

Director of Marketing

+200 More
Growth Fanatics

The best team wins

Hustlers needed

Do you feel like good enough isn’t good enough? If you’re interesting and interested in the world and want to work alongside the high-performing minds pushing the bounds of cloud technologies, we should talk.

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