How Outdated Retail Systems and Practices are Costing you Money

Today’s consumers have high expectations. They won’t think twice about taking their business elsewhere if you let them down. In fact, 73% won’t return to your website after a single poor delivery experience.

Customers who visit brick-and-mortar stores are no less demanding. Retailers have lost nearly $1 trillion in sales because of not having the items on hand that their customers wanted – right away.

In our newest eBook, you’ll discover how leading retailers who have modernized their e-commerce platforms are saving money, increasing customers’ per-basket and lifetime spending, and delivering superior end-to-end customer experiences.

You will find out:

  • How to build a scalable platform that accelerates time-to-market – without paying for costly proprietary software
  • How to harness the power of AI and machine learning to gain real-time insights into customer buying patterns
  • How to create a centralized, integrated data layer that can automatically translate information into actionable insights
  • How to build event-driven data pipelines that work to serve your customers any time of day or night
  • How to deliver consistent, reliable, delightful customer experiences – from first click to last-mile

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